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Organising a corporate events

Whether you're a company, professional association or scientific organisation, there are many good reasons for organising a corporate event: a convention or conference for bringing your community together, a trade show for sharing and showcasing a sector’s innovations, a product launch for raising your profile or a seminar for uniting your teams.

Corporate events

Why organise a seminar or convention? How do you go about it? What options are available in the Nantes and Saint-Nazaire area for organising your event? Our advice and solutions for a successful corporate event!

  • Seminar
  • Convention
  • Trade show
  • Evening event
  • Team-building
  • Une conférence ou un colloque

A seminar

Now a mainstay in the life of any company, seminars are an opportunity to bring your teams together to build their cohesion, motivate or reward them. Often held outside the company, seminars will be all the more successful if they are carefully planned: venue hire, accommodation, catering, workshops and activities… put all the odds in your favour for a truly impressive event!

A convention

Discussing with peers about a scientific or technical topic, sharing and imparting knowledge, bringing your community together ... conventions are key events in the life of any group or association, whether of a technical, scientific, cultural or medical nature. Because they are attended by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of delegates, conventions need planning well in advance.  Venue hire, catering, evening events, activity ideas... check out our advice and what the destination can offer.

A trade show

Trade shows are an opportunity to bring together stakeholders from the same activity sector for a review of the market trends and innovations. Trade shows are often attended by several hundred exhibitors and even more visitors. It goes without saying, then, that such an event requires meticulous planning, from venue hire to hotel booking.

A corporate evening event

Whether to celebrate a special occasion (such as a product launch or company anniversary) or host end-of-year festivities, organising an evening event is an opportunity for your teams to socialise and share a good time together. The evening might bring together a company’s workforce, an association’s members, or also include external guests (clients or partners for example). An evening do can be an event in its own right,  or it could close another corporate event, such as a seminar or convention. Depending on the objectives and significance of the event, you could opt for either a laid-back, casual atmosphere or a more prestigious tone for a gala evening. 

Organising a corporate evening event

Soirée entreprise à la Cité

A team-buildong or incentive event

Because team-building or incentive events are a unique opportunity to strengthen staff cohesion, they have become an essential feature in the life of any company.  Though often organised during a seminar after a work session, these more sociable activities can also be organised as separate events in their own right. Leisure, sports, artistic or unconventional activities... there are so many options available for hosting a successful team-building exercise!

Une conférence ou un colloque

De la définition du programme à la tenue de l’événement, l’organisation d’une conférence ou d'un colloque implique de nombreuses étapes. Comment choisir une salle ? Quelles solutions de restauration et d’hébergement ?

Organiser une conférence ou un colloque...

Conférence ou colloque

In the Nantes and Saint-Nazaire area,

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