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Detroit architectes, playground “On va marcher sur la lune”, parc des Chantiers, étape du Voyage à Nantes 2016

An outstanding destination

Get off the beaten tracks

People say that Nantes is a quirky city with a weird and wacky vibe. You may feel it too, when you encounter an elephant as you round a corner, when you take a crosswalk featuring wavy, looping lines or when you hop on a tram decorated by an artist. Public spaces here can be transformed into art installations because creativity is ingrained in our culture. Want to get off the beaten track? In Nantes, you've come to the right place !

The green line

From one end of the city to the other, a green line painted on the ground leads you from avant-garde works of art to amazing heritage sites. The route is enriched every year thanks to the Voyage à Nantes summer arts event and the permanent installations left in its wake.
Over time, these creations have become new landmarks in the city, such as the Buren rings, the pair of giant boots, the "We're going to walk on the moon" playground on the Ile de Nantes, the shop signs in the city centre, the whimsical world of the Jardin des Plantes and the Eloge du Pas de Côté, an allegorical sculpture and a nod to Nantes’ spirit of adventure.

Éloge du pas de côté, Place du Bouffay, Nantes

Machines de l'Ile

Drawing inspiration from both Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci, Les Machines de l'Ile on the Ile de Nantes features the Marine Worlds Carousel, a weird and wonderful carousel peopled by strange creatures (hailed as the world’s most original creation by a THEA award in 2014), the Machine Gallery, featuring fanciful mechanical creatures, and the iconic Great Elephant, a majestic animal made of wood and steel.

Les Machines de l'île, parc des Chantiers, Nantes

The estuary


From Nantes to Saint-Nazaire, more than 30 open-air works of art line the Loire estuary. Unexpected artistic stops that blend into the landscape and the river, such as La Maison dans la Loire, Villa Cheminée and Serpent d'Océan. A journey that continues on arrival in Saint-Nazaire, where other creations can be discovered.

Croisière Estuaire Nantes Saint-Nazaire, La Maison dans la Loire - Jean-Luc Courcoult

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